Saltwater Fishing Basics: Here’s How to Get Started

Because seas and oceans are vast, there is no doubt that saltwater fishing presents an opportunity for more diverse catches for anglers of all ages. This type of fishing attracts nearly 25 million participants in a single year, and that’s in the United States alone. Since fishing locations can be different, it is necessary to learn beforehand that the appropriate gear varies and is the best place to check them out.

Where to Fish

Saltwater fishing can be done while you are on a boat, on the shore or on the pier. The most common fishes sought by anglers are bluefish, cobia, flounder, grouper, halibut, kingfish, mackerel, marlin, pacific yellowtail, redfish, sailfish, sharks, snapper and tuna.

The Basics

In order to be successful in saltwater fishing, anglers need to know the basics. Beginners can start with a good, medium-weight spinning combo for basic tackle. Something rated 10 to 25 test line is said to be helpful in a variety of settings. Next, it is important to choose the right fishing line. There are many types to choose from, but the bottom line is to pick something that speaks quality. Third, hooks should always match the size and form of the bait you are bound to use. As baits can be different, selecting hooks for different settings is ideal. Some of them include the circle hook, the J hook and the live bait hook.

Circle hooks are particularly popular as they seldom hook fish in the throat. Treble hooks, on the other hand, are believed to a poor choice for bait fishing because they are swallowed easily. Fishes can escape this hook, but because of the injury, they also die.


Baits can be tricky, as people would normally use anything edible to fill the need. An important consideration, however, is to pick a bait that’s close to your prey’s normal diet. If you are looking out for a tuna, will you be giving pork strips?

If you are yet to summon your prey, lures in the form of artificial baits can be helpful. Not only do they save precious food, but they also ensure that the fish you are rooting for is exactly where you want it to be. These include grubs, plastic swimbaits, pluggers, poppers, spoons and the like.

When your rod and reel combo is already paired with a quality fishing line, it’s time to set up your tackle box. The size of this box should depend on which objects are you meaning to store inside, but the basics include: hooks, weights, sinkers, clips, swivels, lures, additional lines, knives and first aid supplies. In a nutshell, it should contain everything you might need during your fishing expedition, but also prepares for any untoward incident that could happen in the process.


Anglers also need to be aware of saltwater knots. The most essential ones include the (1) improved clinch knot, (2) uni knot and (3) blood knot. Each of these has specific uses, but knowing them altogether prepares the beginner for any size of possible catch. Experienced anglers may utilize the Bimini Twist (Twenty-Times-Around knot), because it is said to maintain complete strength under any circumstance.

Saltwater fishing is a whole new different world from childhood pastimes in freshwater. When versed with basics and armed with right tools, you certainly have a shot at catching that next saline dweller.

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