3 Kinds of Fishing Reels & Which One to Buy

If you are like us and take fishing very seriously, it is a must that you have to learn about the difference in fishing reels.

It's always best that the reel you pick is going to work well with the fishing rod you will be using. And if you’re not sure about which one is which, worry no more, because this article is written just for you and helps inform you about the 3 kinds of fishing reels we offer and which one to buy.

2-Speed Fishing Reel

A 2-speed fishing reel allows you to be able to retrieve the fishing line very quickly using a high-speed gear for when a fish runs toward the boat, and it allows you to shift to a low gear then they dive deep down and you need to be able to pull them up. Eat My Tackle proudly presents its line of Blue Marlin Tournament Edition fishing reels that are made to the highest standards and specifications that are tough enough for offshore fishing tournaments.

All Eat My Tackle 2-speed fishing reels are equipped as standard with 9 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, best in its class smooth shift function with a 1-touch shift, anodized components to ensure durability and saltwater rust resistance, and all internal components like shafts and gears are made with tempered and hardened stainless steel.

Spinning Fishing Reel

A spinning fishing reel is the most common type of fishing reel, it is also the easiest one to use for beginners and everyone who happens to fancy a little bit of fishing. But the Ocean Technology 7000 Saltwater Spinning fishing reel by Eat My Tackle might be simple enough but it is fit for any skill level, it is also our best selling spinning fishing reel, it is more than tough enough to use of bottom fishing or trolling, it can be spooled with 80 pounds of braid, and it is one of the most versatile fishing reels in the market that money can buy. It is equipped with stainless steel ball bearings to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and to wrap it all up, it comes with an industry-leading two-year warranty, which is the longest in the line of fishing reels with 44 pounds of drag.

Fly Fishing Reel

Eat My Tackle’s Large-Arbor Gold Saltwater Fly Fishing Reels are made with innovative engineering and long-term experience obtained from testing in the field. Our Large-Arbor Gold Saltwater Fly Fishing Reels are all made using CNC machined material from the highest quality bar stock, they are premium doubly anodized to provide stunning appearance and unbelievable scratch resistance. It has a fly fishing line capacity of 140 yards of 20, up to 7/8 line weight, has 3 ball bearings, ability to interchange from left to right all in a package that can be as light as 5 ounces.

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