Helpful Offshore Fishing Gear

Offshore fishing is a serious activity that involves you traveling far away in the deep blue sea, and there are no shops there where you can just go to and buy what you need, and you don’t have your tool shed where you just go for when you need something. And when it comes to offshore fishing, preparation is one of the most important things you could ever do, so we created a list of helpful miscellaneous offshore fishing gear for you.

Multi-Function Fishing Pliers Tool

Our multi-function fishing pliers tool is made with a combination of aviation-grade aluminum and titanium for lightness and durability. It has superb saltwater rust-resistant characteristics, it's handle's ergonomics are carefully designed to ensure easy operation and that it's comfortable to hold. The whole multi-tool is packed at just 7.5 inches long, and it is equipped with a lanyard and holster for convenient storage, and sharp enough to cut braid, mono, cable, and wire, with extra features like split ring opener bean, a crimper, and a dehooker.

Stainless Steel Fish Lip Gripper With Weighing Scale

This is a Boga style fish lip gripper with components made out of pure stainless steel for rust resistance both on fresh and saltwater. The weighing scale can measure up to 48 pounds and it's equipped with an EVA foam grip along with a wrist strap to ensure you have a good grip on your catch. The whole package is just 8 inches long and very low weight of just 6.1 ounces to avoid fatigue.

Fish Cleaning And Bait Rigging Angler’s 6-Piece Kit

This is the most popular bait rigging kit we sell. The package includes 3 stainless steel fillet knives, a nylon cutting board, a sharpener, enclosed in a handy zippered carrying case.

Stand-up Fishing Harness For Offshore Big Game Fishing

This unique offshore fishing gear now allows you to safely battle the strength of big game fish while standing up, which is actually the more efficient and effective method because you are utilizing the strength of your whole body. Our unique design enables your lower body to wield maximum pulling power while providing you excellent comfort under heavy drag loads.

Fishing Lure Bag With 6 Magnum Size Pockets

The design comprises black mesh on one side, and clear plastic on the other side for visibility, easy rinsing, and storage. There are 6 magnum-sized pockets at 15 x 6 inches enclosed by velcro along the entire 15-inch side for secure closing and storage, and also for easy access. It can fold up which reveals 2 handles to allow you to carry it very easily, this fishing lure bag is made with the finest grade vinyl construction to ensure durability and long life under heavy use. The magnum size pockets are ideal storage for offshore fishing trolling rigs, big game fishing lures, your other favorite lures, and deep drop jigs.

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