When To Go Saltwater Fishing

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Whether you’re going saltwater fishing solely for enjoyment or to see how large of a fish you can catch, it’s important to pick the right time to get out on the boat. Having a firm understanding of the perfect weather and the changing tides is critical, as saltwater fishing differs greatly from freshwater fishing. 

Eat My Tackle is all about giving outdoor enthusiasts and saltwater game fish hunters the best possible resources to have a great time out on the water. In addition to providing our best tips for when to catch saltwater game fish, we also supply everything you need for your trip. Browse Eat My Tackle’s collections of rod and reel combos and saltwater fishing tackle to find exactly what you need and contact us directly if you’re looking for anything in particular!

When The Tides & Currents Are Favorable

The Earth’s oceans are affected every single day by the moon’s gravitational pull, which in turn creates the tides we’re familiar with. Because you’ll use your saltwater fishing equipment on bodies of water like the oceans and other areas around the coast, it’s important to pay close attention to the tide and how the water is moving. As you plan your trip to hunt for saltwater game fish, remember to set off at a time when the water around you will be moving with the current — as opposed to static or “dead” water; this is because the fish are more likely to be active. One of the best ways to ensure your Eat My Tackle saltwater fishing equipment is not going to waste is to consult a tide chart of your chosen location and plan the best time frame to launch the boat. 

Before The Weather Changes

Keeping an eye on the weather patterns of the location where you’ll be saltwater fishing does more than just ensure you won’t be miserable while out on the boat. It’s important to take this step before hunting for saltwater game fish because cool and warm temperatures can affect where the fish will be under the surface. To ensure a positive experience, Eat My Tackle recommends consulting the forecast and planning to bring your rod and reel combo right before a cool or warm front comes in, before the clouds gather. Saltwater game fish will need time to adjust to the changing temperatures once the front passes, so increase your chances of catching the big one by shipping out ahead of a major shift in the weather. 

During Optimal Times of Day

Whether you purchase new saltwater fishing equipment or use your own reliable rod and reel combos, make sure you give them a chance to work their magic! Picking the best time of day to go saltwater fishing has to do with when the fish are most active, thus increasing your chances of catching a sportfish. As a general rule of thumb from Eat My Tackle, it’s best to plan your trip during the “golden hours,” which are dawn and dusk. During these times, saltwater game fish are coming out to feed, more so than at other times of the day. Compare these times to a local tide chart to pick the best possible slot to be out on the water. 

During Peak Migration Times

One of the major benefits of choosing saltwater fishing over freshwater fishing is the large variety of sportfish available to catch. This is why Eat My Tackle offers a large variety of saltwater fishing tackle and rod and reel combos — to give our customers the best shot at catching saltwater game fish. Our store recommends researching beforehand the known migration patterns of certain fish species, so you can better understand when they’re more likely to be in a certain area. Other factors can also play into this — including mating season and overall feeding habits — which only increases the need to do your research beforehand.

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Give yourself the best chance for success when saltwater fishing by choosing the perfect time slot and having the right saltwater fishing tackle by your side. Eat My Tackle is proud to help you experience a memorable trip with our high-quality, affordable rod and reel combos and other materials. Get a more in-depth look at how to best catch saltwater game fish and other tips, and browse our entire online catalog of saltwater fishing equipment!

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