What Are Two-Speed Reels For?

Two-speed reels have become a staple for sports fishing since their introduction. They are quite simply a gear set on a reel that offers two speed options: high and low, which offers offshore fishermen more options, and is always a good thing. Eat My Tackle specializes in the best saltwater spinning reels, including two-speed reels. Below, we'll take a look at our reels and what you'd use them for. Shop our online fishing shop today!

18W 2-Speed Reel:

This 18W 2-Speed reel is the perfect addition to your offshore fishing tackle. Since fishing with jigs does require a faster retrieval rate, this superb saltwater reel gets the job done. You'll be able to retrieve the line faster and catch your saltwater game fish easier. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Shop today!

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30W 2-Speed:

This superior two-speed reel can handle all of your saltwater game fish. Featuring high-quality craftsmanship, this saltwater reel can handle any offshore fishing environment and weather. You'll be able to retrieve your line quickly for all of your sportfish. Order today!

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50W 2-Speed Reel:

If you are looking for a two-speed reel with all the bells and whistles, try this 50W saltwater reel. Featuring a twin-disc drag system, you'll have 30% more stopping power than single-disc reels. These saltwater reels last longer, and they don't require as many repairs. Very smooth and reliable. Order today!

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80W 2-Speed Reel:

This two-speed reel features CNC machined frame and spool that promises to hold up to the toughest use and abuse by sportsfish. This perfect saltwater fishing equipment is extremely well-built with no drag skipping. This saltwater reel is easy to clean and can handle oversized gamefish. Two-year manufacturer's warranty. Shop our online fishing shop today!

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Points of Performance

You can have the best offshore fishing equipment around, but if you don't know how to properly use it to your advantage, you might as well be spin fishing. A two-speed reel allows the angler to put more pressure on the fish by using higher speeds. Lures will go faster and be more enticing to the fish, resulting in a bigger catch — and better eating.


Eat My Tackle offers the best saltwater fishing gear. From wahoo lures and saltwater jigs to saltwater spinning reels and deep sea fishing rods, our online fishing shop has got all of your sports fishing equipment needs covered. Our team has years of experience in providing the highest-quality craftsmanship at the best prices with exemplary customer service. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. As the worldwide leader in offshore fishing tackle since 1998, we promise to offer you exactly what you need for your offshore fishing adventures. Shop all of our saltwater fishing gear online today!

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