Towns to Fish at Around the World

Traveling is one of the best things in life. Discovering new places can fill our heart with the joy of adventure. New destinations can offer us perspectives that are a lot different from what we originally have.

To fishing enthusiasts, finding the perfect vacation town can be quite an experience. Not only can they search for nature’s best, they can also enjoy facilities that can cater to their fishing needs, and of course, be with like-minded people—people who share their love for fishing.

To some great fishermen, like Zane Grey, they travel around the world to find those elusive and exotic fish of their dreams. Before you go to your fishing destination, be ready with your fishing tools. Get your fishing gear from a reputable company, like Eat My Tackle. You wouldn’t want any surprises if you couldn’t find the right equipment in your vacation spot.

Now, are you ready to go? Here is the list of the best fishing towns in the world:

Venice, Los Angeles, USA. This little town is the opposite of that famous city state across the globe. Here you won’t see beautiful buildings or gondoliers who sing while traveling the Grand Canal. This town however is one of the best that America can offer in terms of hunting and fishing. A fishing day would not pass without you filling your bucket. Here you can find tuna, marlin, largemouth bass, trout, and redfish.

Nova Scotia, Canada. Surrounding Nova Scotia are the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Fishery was once the pillar of its economy. A lot of the fish that people encountered over the years weighed more than 1,000 pounds. As the fish are abundant, you wouldn’t need to go far to catch that giant Bluefin tuna.

Malindi, Kenya. Malindi is a town sitting on the Indian Coast of Kenya. Deep sea fishing and big game fishing are two of the main attractions of this town. You could fish for sharks, tuna, and marlin. This is also perfect for fly fishing trevally, sailfish, barracuda, and kingfish. Offshore charters are available, and you can hire experienced and capable crews for your trips.

Bahia de Piñas, Panama. Fishing in Piñas Bay is first-rate. Because the warm currents of Costa Rica blend with the cold currents from South America, the marine species thrive with the nutrients available in the waters. This jewel of Panama offers a wide range of fish species such as marlins, sailfish, giant tunas, wahoo, mahi mahi, cubera snapper, amberjack, and barracuda.

Montauk, New York, USA. Montauk is a town in Suffolk County, New York. It was once a base of the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. Aside from being a tourist destination, Montauk has the largest fishing fleet, both commercial and recreational, in New York state.

The fishing season is from September to October, but can extend up to December. The season might be short, but when it’s there, prepare for a huge haul of stripers, bluefish, false albacore, and weakfish.

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