Top 5 Best Selling Saltwater Wahoo Fishing Lures

Wahoo fish is one of the most exciting and rewarding fish to catch. When the Wahoo fish bites the bait, it would pull the line off the fishing reel as if you just caught a giant shark. The Wahoo fish loves warmer waters, and they're usually found from New Jersey up to the Caribbean in waters that are at least 50 feet deep, they usually travel scattered around and they don't go in groups. These fish are capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, due to their blistering speeds a unique type of fishing lures are needed, although some anglers use trolling skirts, vertical jigs, or deep diving plugs, we have listed below the top 10 best selling saltwater Wahoo fishing lures.

1.) Slot Head High-Speed Trolling Lure

This is one of our best selling Wahoo fishing lures out of your Calcutta winning collection. It measures at 14 inches long, and it features a large 3-inch chrome-plated brass head attached with 8 jets for producing a huge smoke cloud. It comes in rigged with a 400 pounds cable leader and a double 11/0 stainless steel hook. It weighs in at a total of 1.5 pounds to achieve high speed trolling capabilities. It also comes in two vibrant color options, purple/black, and red/black.

2.) Wahoo Rattlers

It comes in with an option of 10 or 12 inches, and single or a 2 pack, it can also reach a speed of 25 knots. It weighs in at 1.89 pounds, and it's rigged with a 400-pound capacity 6 feet stainless steel cable.

3.) Jetted Bullet Head Wahoo Lures

It is 14 inches long and it weighs in at around 1.5 pounds, you can avail it rigged with two stainless steel 10/0 hooks angled at 180 degrees on a 6-foot 400-pound cable leader. It is also fitted with a large 4-inch head with 5 jets to achieve high trolling speeds, the chrome-plated brass head is shaped like a bullet to allow it to be pulled with speeds up to 15 knots and still stay in the water.

4.) 5 Pack Variety Tournament Wahoo Fishing Lure

This lure bundle contains all types of Wahoo fishing lures that you can possibly need: 

5.) Wahoo Express Trolling Lure

This lure measures at 13 inches long, and it's fitted with a 3-inch long purple and silver holographic head that has a large movable baby doll eye that provides extra flash. Its face is concave in order to produce an astounding amount of smoke. The double skirts are colored in 2 shades of purple that are studded with silver specs to shine like a real baitfish. It is also only made from the finest types of vinyl in order to ensure durability in long term usage.

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