The 5 Leading Fly Fishing Rods You Shouldn't Miss Out on

Fly fishing is a fishing style that requires the use of a lightweight lure or sometimes referred to as an artificial fly to be able to catch a fish. The main equipment that is called the fly consists of a fishing rod, reel, and a special weighted fishing line, fly fishing is a relaxing and at the same time exciting activity, but before you go ahead and buy just any fly fishing rod, you might want to check out our list for the 4 leading fly fishing rods you shouldn’t miss out on.

1.) 5/6 wt. Redfish Tournament Edition Fly Fishing Rod

This particular fly fishing rod is fast action, and it can be disassembled into 2 separate pieces and when it's assembled it reaches a total length of 8.5 feet. It is equipped with a high-performance AFSDD reel seat and comes also with a protective rod sock. It is 5/6 weight and perfect for every species of game fish that can be found in the flats like the permit, redfish, snook, and a lot more.

2.) 7/8 wt. Permit Tournament Edition Fly Fishing Rod

This is Eat My Tackle’s very own Permit Tournament Edition fly fishing rod, and it is not only about the looks, but it's high performance as well, it's a 2-pc collapsible 8.5 feet long rod that has a 7/8 weight. These rods are fast action and equipped with 9 guides, a gimbal butt, a protective sock cover, and a high-performance AFSDD fishing reel seat.

3.) 11/12 wt. Sharky Tournament Edition Heavy Fly Fishing Rod

The Sharky Tournament Edition Heavy Fly Fishing Rod is a 3pc-collapsible 8.5 feet long 11/12 weight heavy fly fishing rod. It is designed mostly for catching large fish like sharks and tarpons. The rod has a quality finish and the span is wrapped to ensure it can handle the strength of big fish. When you have that trophy fish of your life on the line, this one is the fishing rod for you.

4.) 3/4 wt. Trout Tournament Edition Fly Fishing Rod

Our fast action Trout Tournament Edition Fly Fishing Rod is a lighter 3/4 weight that is specially designed to be ideal for catching Sea Trout, Redfish, Pompano, and other medium-sized game fish. This particular fishing rod has a great action for long accurate casting with a splash-free presentation.

5.) 9/10 wt. Tarpon Tournament Edition Fly Fishing Rod

This fly fishing rod is the second to the heaviest at 9/10 weight, and it's specially and carefully designed for medium to large-sized gamefish like the Tarpon, Permit, Dolphin, Sailfish, and a lot more. Despite the weight, the high-performance characteristics of this heavy fly fishing rod are uncompromised by using a high-performance AFSDD reel seat, 9 guides, a protective cover sock, a gimbal butt, and a wrapped span ensuring fast action and utmost durability to withstand the strength of big game fish.

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