Saltwater Rods & Reel Combos

Eat My Tackle in Destin, Florida, is all about making the best Saltwater Rods & Reel Combos possible for every trip you take. The perfect fishing rod combo is calling to you. We've compiled the best guide for picking the exact tools that call out to you to get the best catches just around the corner. As leading experts in the fishing equipment industry since 1998, we can confidently say that our equipment is certified to meet all of your fishing needs and more.

A signature quality product is a goal any company should strive for. Eat My Tackle takes that approach up a notch by providing a toolset kit that fits different types of fishing for all skill levels. Our brand guarantees high performance for every specific form of fishing you do.

Saltwater fishing is a limitless sport for rewarding skill and challenge. Our essential guide is here to explain the exact strengths of each combo that caters to getting you the most of what you want out of each experience. From the powerful bent butt combo that holds no challenge in strength from any fish to the consistently dependable conventional rod and reel, there are saltwater rods & reel combos for everyone. Keep up to date with the latest products and fishing news by contacting us today!


Here are five important factors everyone should consider when purchasing saltwater fishing rods and reels:

  • The length and power: The longer rods will grant a longer fishing cast. The shorter rods prove more power for close quarters fishing. A rod’s activity will range from "fast" to "slow" with slower ones having higher amounts of control thanks to the ability to bend more. The pound-test line and lure weights are also important attributes when selecting the rod type for you.
  • In terms of material, most saltwater rods contain graphite or fiberglass. You'll find graphite rods stiffer, with fiberglass rods being sturdier to maintain more power for each catch.
  • Knowing about reel speed is important. The high-speed saltwater reels have a greater than six to one gear ratio for fast bait retrieval. The low-speed reels fall under a ratio of four to one while offering more power for fighting bigger fish. 
  • Line capacity is an equally important factor to consider for picking your saltwater fishing rods and reels. Line capacity is the marking of your reel body to measure in feet or yards per pound of the catch on your current line. Gauging your drag pressure will aid you in keeping a steady number so that your fishing rod does not break.
  • It's a good sign when your saltwater fishing reels match the recommended line weights marked on the rod. Matching the recommended lure weight with the appropriate bait size or lure is always a surefire way to obtain consistent functionality in your product.

Big Game Combos

Tried and true, the big game combos will tackle anything you come across on your saltwater fishing boating ventures. What matters is the combo that calls out to you. Take a look at the best big game combo selection you can find!

Our three big game combos to check out are:

Straight Rod & Reel Combos

Graphite and fiberglass rods are something to behold. Not only do these marvelous tools look great, but their range of effectiveness for bottom fishing, trolling, and jigging is not an understatement when people praise its consistent results.

Bent Butt Combos

Saltwater fishing demands powerful tools for a powerful game. The match of a heavy-duty bent butt rod and a 2-speed reel allows for sustained strength that can take on anything the water throws at you.

Dredge Rod & Reel Combos

Take a 2-speed reel and dredge rod, and you have a saltwater rod & reel combo that every lure is excited to work with. The increased capabilities of initiating aggressive actions on your lure while backing up and biting with the extra power create a lethal set of tools that can take on the biggest fish around.

Conventional Rod & Reel Combos

You can't go wrong with the tried and true conventional combos for any of your saltwater fishing adventures. Options such as the Extractor Lever Drag or Conventional Star Drag H3466 combos with well-rounded attributes handle every situation and location with a reliable utility.

Fly Fishing Combos

It's an activity that every fishing advocate needs to try. Fly Fishing is worth the experience no matter your results. But our signature fly rod combo is here to boost the potential in your catching game the next time you venture for some flying fish.

Jigging Combos

Saltwater fishing on the open ocean has near limitless potential for challenge. Fish with unfathomable sizes encountered in unexpected locations at any given time will test the skills and equipment of every fisherman. Our Jigging Combos serve as the most reliable tools for needing that sustained power at all times. If these big fish were any smarter, they'd know to swim away at the sights of these killer combos.

Sabiki Combos

Ever popular as they are effective, sabiki rigs are made to bring in a plethora of bait fish for your daily catch. The likes of anchovies, herrings, mackerels, and sardines are not prepared for this effective saltwater fishing tool! Pairing your sabiki rod with an eat my tackle combo rig will grant you a quality bait caster that's durable and made to last.

Spinning Combos

The tried and true spinning rod combo is prepared to handle saltwater fishing of all levels anywhere you go. Universally praised amongst beginners and pros alike, the spinning rod combo is a durable and affordable method for fishing both inshore and offshore.

Saltwater Angler Starter Kit

Perfection has never sounded better for anyone starting their saltwater fishing ventures. Eat My Tackle are firm believers in starting out strong for any fishing trip. This includes the quality we put into our angler bundles that will get anyone into the fishing game with a strong start. Big game saltwater fish are not safe from this set. The likes of marlin, sailfish, and even tuna are high on the catchable list for anyone using this kit!

Surf Combos

We crafted such an effective starter kit before that we had to do it again! For everything the saltwater angler starter kit does, the surf combo takes that with a focus on species like redfish, snook, and speckled trout.

Combos are the tried and true method for effective saltwater fishing. Everyone has a set that will significantly accelerate skill and results, no matter the skill level. Each of our combos has both special and generalized strengths to make for an excellent competitive or casual fishing experience every time. In addition, there are always new waters to sail and fish to catch with your fellow friends and fisherman. So no matter what you're fishing for, we've got you covered with the combo that calls out to you!

They also provide excellent starting points for experienced fishermen to improve their collection or research what kind of rods pair well with different reels or vice versa. Many fishermen claim that customizing a setup is always the way to go, but we have found this is not the case, which is why we have created our combos in the first place.

There is a combo for everyone. No matter your saltwater fishing needs, Eat My Tackle has you covered. So contact us and get on your A game today!

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