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Your next saltwater fishing adventure should be accompanied by the best equipment possible, both to ensure a pleasant experience and to increase your chances of catching saltwater game fish. Eat My Tackle is a worldwide supplier of high-quality, affordable saltwater fishing equipment designed to cover every single aspect of this activity. Be prepared for every single situation and avoid losing your next prized catch with Eat My Tackle’s collection of saltwater fishing tackle, rod and reel combos, and other materials. Stock your boat with the highlight products in our saltwater fishing equipment catalog and contact us directly for help finding the right tool!

Saltwater Fishing Gaffs

Once you have a sportfish on your fishing line, it can be difficult to reel it back into the boat depending on how heavy it is. If a saltwater game fish is too heavy, it can potentially damage the rod and reel combos you brought along for the trip. This is where our Eat My Tackle Classic Hooked Saltwater Fishing Gaff comes into play — this piece of saltwater fishing equipment is designed specifically to lift a fish into the boat when the pole itself can’t lift its weight. This gaff features a stainless steel hook and a strong fiberglass shaft to ensure you can successfully capture your sportfish.

Saltwater Fishing Cast Nets

If you’re getting ready to go offshore and are looking for durable saltwater fishing equipment, our Eat My Tackle cast nets are essential. The idea is these nets are to capture your own bait fish — which can be used to catch larger fish — and to save money on saltwater fishing tackle. The premium monofilament netting is available in several sizes and is specially-designed to easily spread out and enclose bait fish before they can swim away. While you’re packing your rod and reel combos to go on your saltwater fishing adventure, bring an easily-storable cast net as well to heighten your chances of catching a larger sportfish.

Collapsible Coolers for Saltwater Game Fish

Keep your saltwater game fish cool throughout your entire fishing trip with the Kill'em & Chill'em Fish soft insulated collapsible cooler from Eat My Tackle. It’s essential to keep your bait fish or sportfish cold to ensure it will make the trip back home, which is why this piece of saltwater fishing equipment is constructed to be leak-proof with electro-welded seams. A built-in drain plug allows you to dispose of any water and the portable nature of this saltwater fishing asset makes keeping your catches fresh easier than ever. 

Saltwater Game Fish Lip Grippers

In addition to making sure your saltwater game fish catches can be reeled back into the boat, it’s also important to have everything you need to proudly display your fish! Add a lip gripper to your saltwater fishing tackle box to make holding and handling a freshly caught sportfish completely stress-free. This critical piece of saltwater fishing equipment is made with strong stainless steel and has a weight scale capable of measuring up to 48 lbs. Know instantly how large your catch is and make sure it doesn't slip back into the water!

Saltwater Fish Cleaning & Bait Rigging Kit

Clean your sportfish or prep your bait fish for saltwater fishing with the Cleaning & Bait Rigging Angler's Kit. This portable kit is perfect for handling all the nitty-gritty aspects of fishing, featuring an eight-inch and six-inch filet knife, a saw-toothed knife, a cutting board, scissors, and a knife sharpener. Neatly packed away in a zippered case, this piece of saltwater fishing equipment lets you take care of cleaning and prepping before right there on the boat. 

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Eat My Tackle is your complete one-stop-shop for freshwater and saltwater fishing equipment, providing a wide array of items to make your trip successful. Take the guesswork out of choosing the right saltwater fishing tackle by browsing our online store and speaking to our offshore fishing experts. Learn more about how to ensure a successful saltwater fishing trip and shop for yourself online now!

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