How to Be a Better Angler

As more and more people embrace saltwater fishing as a recreational activity, it pays to assess and improve one’s skills for chances of better catches. Making mindless mistakes is definitely okay for novice fishers, but intuition, strategy and precision are pretty much already expected among experienced anglers.

The ultimate question for any learner, therefore, would be: How does one become a better angler?

Nobody said the challenge is easy, but there are ways to increase chances of netting more catches. Success in fishing takes a little of bit of luck, so learning to develop the right skills for the right targets at the right time will always be ideal. Here are some things to do for you to become a better angler.

Master the Basics

Take note though - it’s not just learning, but mastering them. All anglers should definitely know the basics, but better anglers are able to get through them with accuracy and grace. Getting the advantage begins by knowing the waters you are sailing on, and this can be done through meticulous research for information. Drawing lessons from one’s previous fishing experiences is undoubtedly helpful, but getting accounts from other seasoned anglers will definitely widen your perspective and place you at a more versatile position.

Befriend the Water

This is different from the first tip in the sense that it emphasizes being a companion, rather than a learning stranger, to the water. Anglers fishing specific locations all their lives are sure to become masters of such areas, and they are the ones to go to for newbies. Being one with nature is an important ideal, but sometimes difficult to fulfill. A better angler utilizes his naturalistic intelligence - the ability to observe, understand and organize patterns in the natural environment - to source for potential targets.

Carry the Right Equipment

Nothing could be more disappointing than a fish that gets out of your claim simply because you didn’t have the right hook. Most novice anglers experiment on tools, but experienced ones are able to pick the right stuff even under pressure. Because we never know what might come out of the sea, it is important to carry the flexible gear and equipment at all times, while keeping specialized ones handy. offers many of these for both newbies and pros.

Fine-tune Your Patience

Needless to say, patience is truly an essential virtue for anglers of all ages. By working an area over more slowly, more observations can be made, increasing chances of a catch. Anglers who are used to rushing tend to be preoccupied by the satisfaction of netting preys at once, missing out the learning opportunities that come with a more relaxed fishing process. Take your time, because not all fish are up for an aggressive fight.

Work with Technology

As fishing industries evolve over time, technologies used to harness better harvests have also become necessary. Not only do they speed up fishing times, but they also tend to be safer for anglers and the environment itself. An angler who is well-versed in the latest fishing trends and is able to utilize them is definitely at an advantage. There are plenty of resources online to learn about the newest systems, so be sure to keep up. The new Lowrance 3D Structure Scan, Hydrowave H2, Hydrowave Mini, Garmin Echomap SV and GoFree Hooked app are some electronics to start with.

Follow these tips, learn some more and you are surely on your way to become a better angler!

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