How Our Online Fishing Store Protects Your Deep Sea Fishing Rod Purchase

When you’re searching for a brand-new saltwater fishing rod or deep sea fishing rod, it’s important to partner with a reputable online fishing store. You should be able to confidently checkout from the comfort of your home and be confident the right piece of equipment will arrive right at your doorstep. 

Eat My Tackle has not only been a worldwide leader in offshore fishing tackle since 1998, but we also offer over 500 fishing products to meet your needs. If you choose to invest in a high-quality deep sea fishing rod with us, you can expect several perks that protect your overall purchase. 

Free Mono Line Spooling

After you go to the trouble of weighing your options and finally deciding on the perfect saltwater fishing rod, the last thing you need is to be responsible for making sure the fining line itself is in order. Our online fishing store is all about making things as easy for you, our customer, as possible. This is why Eat My Tackle offers free mono line spooling on any reel purchase!

Reliable Warranties

Our mission as an online fishing store is to provide you with the materials and tools you need to enjoy weeks’ and months’ worth of deep sea fishing trips. Regardless of the saltwater fishing rod you choose or the manufacturer, there will likely be a warranty on that rod and reel provided by Eat My Tackle. Let us help you feel confident in every purchase you make with us!

Secure Encrypted Shopping

Your personal information, and especially your credit card information, needs to be protected at all times when shopping online. This should be the case wherever you shop, including our online fishing store. Eat My Tackle protects your saltwater fishing rod or deep sea fishing rod purchase with secure encryption, specifically a 256-bit secure SSL connection. This means your credit card information will be safe, starting with the first order you place and throughout all the repeat orders you make!

Free Shipping Options

In addition to giving you a variety of fishing equipment to choose from — including saltwater fishing rods, lures, and other pieces of fishing tackle — Eat My Tackle also provides a free shipping option! Let us make your transaction easier with free shipping on orders over $75. Regardless of how you choose to upgrade your deep sea fishing experience, let Eat My Tackle make the whole process smooth and seamless.

Trust Eat My Tackle With Your Online Fishing Store Purchases

Our online fishing store is perfect for finding everything you need to comfortably hunt for big game fish. Eat my Tackle is the one-stop shop you can trust to take all the guesswork out of shopping and to provide the high-quality items that you deserve. Shop with us today!

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