The 10 Most Essential Offshore Fishing Gear

Before you start conquering the deep blue seas and start offshore fishing, you want to be sure that you have all the equipment you need for every scenario, regardless of what fish you want to catch or techniques you want to use. 

Here is a list of the 10 most essential offshore fishing gear you need in order to have successful fishing trips.

1.) Fishing Rods And Fishing Reels

Sure, this one is a little too obvious, but this is the core of all the fishing gear and tackle that you need. No matter how much extra stuff you have, you won't be able to fish without any fishing rods or fishing reels.

2.) Landing Nets

Most fish in the ocean can be easily dealt with using your usual fishing equipment, but for the larger and heavier fish, hauling them on board can be quite a challenge. Having landing nets make it so much easier to scoop them up, it's quite effective and also much safer for both you and the fish.

3.) Buckets

There are tons of ways a bucket could come in handy for when you're fishing in the middle of the ocean... One of which is filling it up with water to put baitfish in to keep them alive. Another use would be to flip it over and use as a seat, or use it to hold smaller fishing equipment. Really a bucket can serve so many purposes, so it is a must have.

4.) Long-nose Pliers

After catching a fish, it will have a hook stuck in its mouth, so a tool would be necessary to remove the hook, while there are tools made exactly for this purpose, long-nose pliers are a great alternative if you can't get your hands on one.

5.) Fishing Lures

This is just as obvious as the fishing rods and fishing reels, but it is also just as important. Because it is almost impossible to attract and catch a fish without the use of some sort of a fishing lure or bait.

6.) Binoculars

Experienced anglers would know that a sign of an area with a lot of fish are a flock of seagulls, a decent set of binoculars would help you to easily find those spots.

7.) Ruler

We should always follow the rules and regulations that govern fishing, and one of the rules is that you should return to the sea a fish when it’s below a certain size, and a ruler is a good way to measure, so it’s wise to keep one in handy.

8.) Basic Tool Kit

Your fishing equipment is mostly mechanical, and sometimes they also do fail, in order to perform any small repairs, a basic tool kit is a wise one to have onboard.

9.) Braid Scissors

Because of the ubiquity of modern braid fishing line, they can’t be cut anymore by the side cutters on pliers, special cutters are required, but if you can’t get one, braid scissors could also get the job done.

10.) Lip Grippers

A lot of saltwater fish do have sharp teeth, to avoid getting injured lip grippers clamp fish's jaw so you can control and hold them safely.

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