Top Fishing Piers in California

When you think about California, two things come to mind: the sun and the sea.

There’s always that image of the bright, blue skies, the rush of waves, and the cries of seagulls. You could also easily imagine people by the pier with their fishing gear, patiently waiting for their catch.

The state of California is located in the West Coast of the United States. It is considered to be one of the most diverse and richest parts of the world. Its coast and waters are some of its most important resources. That is why the state of California does its very best to protect and conserve its fish and wildlife.

As individuals, how can we enjoy its beauty without damaging the environment? One great way to do this is to fish in some of its many piers. The calmness can clear your mind, and to be honest, fishing in the pier sounds romantic. Be with other people as you enjoy what nature has to offer. Be sure to also equip yourself with the best tools you can find for fishing. Get your gear from a reputable company like Eat My Tackle.

Here is the list of the top fishing piers in California. Who knows, we might get to visit them in the near future!

Goleta Pier. Considered as one of the best in California, there’s a big chance that you won’t be coming home empty handed. The different species of fish you can find here include bass, halibut, rockfish, corbina, and rays. In different seasons, you can also notice the arrival of other fish, such as mackerel and salmon.

Huntington Beach Pier. Huntington is a city by the sea in Orange County. Huntington is popular for its long, sandy beach, surfing, and mild climate. Bordered by rich waters in its corners, Huntington attracts bonito and mackerel. The waters in the pier are inhabited by different kinds of croakers, corbina, and sargo.

Pacifica Pier. This pier is abundant with Salmon and is known to be one of the best piers in California. Fishing in the Pacifica can yield you up to 20 fish per visit. Not to mention that you can probably catch fish in this area throughout the year.

Balboa Pier. The water in this pier is not so deep. And because of the different attractions available in this place, most people don’t go there to fish. The good thing is: each fisherman gets a bigger area to fish, and their day’s catch can be really good.

Oceanside Pier. The Oceanside Pier was once famous for the amount of barracuda that can be caught there. However, with the urban developments that occurred in the past several years, what you could catch in the pier now could not compare with what the others got some decades ago. This is not to say the pier is not good for fishing anymore. Because up to now, you can still see a variety of fish, such as kelp bass, bonito, mackerel, barracuda, halibut, and butterfish, among others.

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