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Do you ever aspire to catch a world record game fish? Try your luck in any of these spots.

Most people are obsessed with being on top of their game. You can be in the performing arts industry or in the academe, and this still holds true. But nothing would compare to be on top in the world of sports, may it be boxing, wrestling, basketball, swimming, or even saltwater game fishing.

When it comes to game fishing, you need to give importance to three things. First is your equipment. Get your saltwater fishing gear from companies like Eat My Tackle. To get to the top, you need the best tools to bring you there. Second is your crew. You need the best people to be with you when you chase and haul your prize catch. And lastly, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Seasons are important to fish, so you need to know when they are coming. And of course, you need to know where you can find the biggest and the meanest of these monsters.

Not all seas were created equal. Some can present you what you’re looking for, but most won’t. Take for example the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) World Records. Here you’ll find that there are special places where you can find your monster fish.

Let’s get to know the top 5 places to catch a world record game fish:

  1. Kaiwi Point, Hawaii, USA. Many consider the Hawaiian archipelago a paradise. With its warm, tropical climate, this group of volcanic islands has one of the world’s most diverse ecological scenery. Its waters are teeming with sea turtles, giant rays, and large fish. A pacific blue marlin, with a record-breaking weight of 1,300 pounds was caught in this area.
  2. Massachusetts, USA. This state in New England is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. With the other surrounding waters such as the Gulf of Maine and Mass Bay, this is the best place for shark fishing. The 2001 mako shark world record was from this area. And did you know that Massachusetts is the home of the movie Jaws?
  3. Flamingo, Costa Rica. When you think of Costa Rica, you’ll imagine the sun shining down your skin, pristine beaches, vacation paradise. But maybe you won’t imagine the monster fish hiding in its waters. In just one day, two record fish were caught off its coast: a 67-pound rooster fish and the 65-pound almaco jack.
  4. Port Saint Louis, France. Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône lies in the southern region of France, facing the rich waters of the Mediterranean. It is an idyllic summer place for camping, horse riding, and of course, fishing. Big game fishing is popular in the Mediterranean Sea, and a 129-centimeter leerfish was caught just outside of Port Saint Louis.
  5. Angola. Angola is a country in Southern Africa, and it has the Atlantic Ocean to its left. With all the wildlife thriving in this nation, it is not surprising to find that two jaw-dropping applications were submitted in 2015: a 26-pound meagre and a 36-pound Senegal jack. 


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