The Top 3 Most Challenging Saltwater Fishing Destinations in the World

Saltwater fishing is one of the most technical yet fun and engaging hobbies anyone can pursue.

While there are saltwater fish to be had just about anywhere, the best fishing spots are special. It is here you can get the best fish with the weight and difficulty level any angler could dream of reeling in. So get ready your fishing equipment from Eat My Tackle and plan your next fishing trips around these destinations.

Phuket, Thailnad

If you love to fish then the top item in your go-to list should be Phuket, Thailand. Aside from being a wonderful tropical vacation destination, this place also boasts a very challenging fishing experience for aficionados. It is not just the huge number of fish you can catch here but the challenge of getting these fishes on your hook and in the boat. The species you can lure here include marlin, queenfish, tuna, sea bass, giant trevally, huge carp, catfish, and barbs. The Andaman Sea has more than enough fish to guarantee a nice catch year round but many anglers prefer to visit here on the months of July and October.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is not just known for its raw beauty and one of a kind, high-spirited culture. It is also known by many fishing enthusiasts as a hot spot for off shore fishing. The scenic coastline of the city is already a good sign of the fishes you can catch in its waters. You may be able to hook in some tuna and other aggressive huge fishes which can make your trip here more exciting. Thanks to the climate and the diverse ecosystem of Cape Town you can come to this place all year round to fish. But if you are eyeing to catch tuna then September to June are the best months to come visit.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Seen to be the Marlin capital of the world, this place is an all time favorite of anglers who love some challenge and an opportunity to reel in one of the most aggressive fishes in the world. The catch and release policy here is strictly implemented. This is the reason why marlin population is kept stable in these waters, even thriving year after year. This almost guarantees you to catch one in your trip to Cabo San Lucas. There are other fishes to catch here like yellow fin tuna and Dorado, both are as aggressive as the marlin.

Because you really cannot take your catch here with you, be sure to have your camera handy so that you can capture the memory of reeling in a thousand-pound marlin in these waters if you are lucky enough. Fishing here is a year round affair but any experienced fisher would tell you that May to December are the best time to come here.

There you have it, the top three best fishing spots in the world. Run an inventory of your Eat My Tackle fishing essentials and plan your next trip while you are at it.

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