The Best Offshore Angling Spots for Thousand-Pound Marlins

Marlins can weigh up to a thousand pounds and catching what fishing aficionados call a “grander” is the achievement of a lifetime. It’s like pitching a no-hitter in the World Series, returning a punt for the winning touchdown in the dying seconds of the Superbowl, or winning a calendar Grand Slam in tennis or golf. While theoretically you could get lucky in your first offshore angling adventure, usually you’ll need a serious commitment along with lots of determination and time to bag one of these monsters.

So it’s not enough that you get your  saltwater fishing gear from a reputable company like Eat My Tackle. You’ll need to find the perfect fishing spot. If you live in Southern California you’re quite lucky as there are several spots where you can go deep sea fishing and find all kinds of game fish including marlins. But if you are aiming to catch a big one, here are the best spots for you to consider:

    Cairns, Australia. Big game fishing in this tourist town became popular all because of George Bransford, who was known as “The Fox” in the industry. It was he who electrified the game fishing world in September 25, 1966 by catching a 1,064 pound black marlin off the coast of Cairns. Since then, experts say more huge marlins (weighing over 800 lbs) have been caught in these fishing grounds than any other place in the world.

    The best time to go is from September to December. The fishing grounds are about 30 miles from the town, so game boats offer charters for multiple days. You sleep and rest in one of the bigger ships near the reefs. When you’re off to grander fishing, skipping dead weight will give you a good chance of bagging your dream catch.

      Kona, Hawaii. Some experts have noted that since 1960 there have been at least 76 occasions in Kona in which a marlin topping a thousand pounds have been caught and kept. That count doesn’t include the caught and released marlins. It’s possible to catch a thousand-pound Pacific blue marlin here at any time of the year, but for a greater chance of success you may want to come here in the summer from April to September.

      You don’t have to go far to get your fish, as Kona is like the top of a mountain surrounded by the sea. The water goes deep within sight of the harbor, and some people have even caught their thousand-pound marlin just a few minutes from leaving the shore.

        Bermuda. One captain named DeSilva says that 15 granders have been caught off the shores of Bermuda. DeSilva himself set the Bermuda record by landing a marlin that weighed an astounding 1,352 pounds. That’s also the second largest marlin caught in the whole Atlantic Ocean.

        For your Bermuda angling adventure, you’ll need to go to the city of Hamilton. The best time of the year to catch a giant blue marlin is from May to September.

        Other spots you can try include Madeira in Portugal, Tahiti and French Polynesia, and Canavieiras and Cabo Frio in Brazil. Good luck!

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