The 6 Best Spots for Saltwater Game Fish

Passionate about saltwater fishing?

You know there are so many places you can go to. But because of the wide range of options, it can be difficult trying to decide. But don’t worry; we’ve rounded up the best locations for saltwater game fish, and they’re listed below:

    1. Iztapa, Guatemala - Home of the Pacific Sailfish, the best time to go fishing is from November to May, as the seas are calm and the temperature is moderate. The best technique for trolling is to use a good quality rigged ballyhoo with a traditional fishing tackle you can buy from shops like Eat My Tackle or go fly fishing using bait and switch techniques. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!
    2. Ascension Bay, Mexico - The Bay is a great spot for tarpon and bonefish, and the best time to go would be from February until June. If you’re a flat angler this is exactly what you’re looking for as there are plenty of lagoons, flats and very little in the way of development. The way to go about is fly fishing with tarpon streamers or crab patterns, and you’ll also want to bring various kinds of topwater baits, swimming plugs, live crabs and 1/8 ounce jigs. You should also have some quick drying pants to keep you fresh and ready.
    3. Lizard Island, Australia - Anytime from September to October there’s a high probability you’ll catch a blackmarlin, not to mention the fact there’s plenty of opportunity here for light tackle fishing, and anglers have been able to catch different types of fish in just one day. Trolling with 10 to 20 lb. baits ought to do, and make sure your camera is loaded because the scenery here is fantastic.
    4. Lower Biscayne Bay, Florida -  This is where you’ll want to go for sea trout, bonefish, tarpon and other fish, and most important you can fish all year round and expect good results. Another advantage is the place is easy to reach from Homestead or Crandon Park.
    5. East Cape, Baja, Mexico - Known for its striped and blue marlin, they’re usually found from May through November, but it’s possible to spot some marlin during other times of the year. If you want a real trophy, go to the Baja Peninsula range at the southern end. There you’ll come across marlin weighing 70 pounds to some more than 1,000 pounds. Switch baits are widely used as are trolling lures, just make sure you’ve got quality gear when going after the big fish.
    6. Pi-as Bay, Panama - If you’re after blue marlin and sailfish you’ll love it here. From December to March you’re going to find black marlin, and again from July all the way to September. If you’re after sailfish the best dates are from April till June, but these and other species are available all year round.

              If you’re going to fish in any of these locations, just remember to bring a good quality tackle just in case you catch a couple of huge fish. Happy fishing!

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