South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island – The Anglers’ Haven

So you’ve purchased the best fishing gear at Eat My Tackle, and what better place to use it than in Hilton Head Island, off the southern coast of South Carolina? It’s home to a wide range of saltwater fish species. And there’s plenty of opportunities for offshore and inshore fishing. Furthermore its lagoons is the home of black drums, the tarpon, striped bass and other types of game fish.

Fishing from the Shore

One of the easiest ways to catch saltwater fish is to wade and cast in the shallows with artificial lures or live bait, and either one is going to help you get some game fish. Go for the water at the back of the breaking waves as that is where the large game fish wait for schools of bait fish to pounce on. Light and medium spinning reels in the 15 to 25 lb. range are most appropriate here.

You can also fish right on the beach with a rod and cut baits. Live or dead shrimp will attract fish, as will squid and other types of bait fish. One of the most interesting things about fishing in Hilton Head is you’re going to come across .different types of fish such as skate, red fish or even flounder.

To get the best result from shore fishing, do it an hour before the tide peaks and half an hour following its slack. The best time to do this is just before dusk or early in the morning as you’ll be spared the influx of huge crowds that head to the beach. This is especially true during the summer so you need to time this correctly.

Boat Fishing

If you’re fishing form a kayak or boat you’ll have an easier time finding fish that would otherwise be impossible to catch unless you go into deeper waters offshore. The good news is even if you don’t have a boat, there are several charter boats and local party boats you can go on.

Hilton Head Island has plenty of good locations for game fish such as submerged structures, reefs, wreck sites and more. If you are a seasoned angler you should have no trouble finding the spots that have fish, but if you’re a first timer your best option is to charter a boat as their crews and skippers can provide guidance and advice.

If you’re experienced, there are several offshore charter boats so you can make a journey to the Gulf Stream. While you’re here you will come across several types of saltwater game fish such as Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna and Dorado. The cost of these expeditions vary so you may want to look around to get the best deal. A license is also required for anglers at least 16 years old, but you can get these easily enough.

If you have never been to Hilton Head Island before, it’s about time you did as it is one of the most fascinating saltwater fishing destinations in the world. It’s close by and is easily accessible as well, so it’s a must for anglers.

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