Saltwater Fishing Hot Spots in Texas

The state of Texas is bigger than some countries. And because of that, this state has a lot more to offer, especially to fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing is a serious business in Texas that its Parks and Wildlife Department even provide Fish Records and Awards . They maintain healthy fish populations in their waters and they also offer saltwater fishing programs in many of their state parks.

As you prepare for your fishing trip in Texas, it is important to have your tools ready. Get your fishing equipment from a reputable company, like Eat My Tackle. You need tools that you can trust because the fish in the best spots of Texas are quite big and strong, and you don’t want your fishing tools breaking in the middle of your catch.

Here are a few choice locations to fish in Texas:

  • Texas Gulf Coast. The coastlines of Texas are in the hundreds. Therefore, it would be impossible not to have plenty of breaks when it comes to fishing throughout the year. Along the coast are breakwaters and rock groins, where you could catch speckled trout, flounder, gafftop, bull reds, croker, whiting, and shipshead among many others. Public piers are also featured in the coasts. If you want offshore fishing, you can expect to find snapper, kingfish, dorado, amberjack, grouper, tuna, white marlin, blue marlin, wahoo, and sailfish.
  • San Antonio Bay. San Antonio bay is located on the Texas Gulf coast, between Aransas Bay and Matagorda. The bay is mainly fed by the rivers of Guadalupe and San Antonio, and small outlets connect it to the Gulf of Mexico. It has a nearby wildlife sanctuary that makes this an excellent place for beach wildlife, such as pelicans, herons, and cranes. The bay is a hot spot for spotted sea trout, flounder, lady fish, southern kingfish, and pinfish.
  • Galveston Bay. Galveston is considered a very important estuary in Texas and in the United States. These are ocean nurseries, where species of birds and sea animals begin their life. It also has a number of entry points for fishing and offshore activities. In terms of economic value, Galveston brings in $2 billion in the state every year, and a substantial amount of which comes from recreational fishing. In Galveston Bay, anglers can fish black drum, catfish, golden croker, sheepshead, puppy drum, and many others.
  • Padre Island National Seashore. Padre Island attracts a huge number of fishing enthusiasts, even before it was designated a national seashore. You would have to apply for a saltwater stamp and a Texas fishing license to fish here. The areas where you can fish are at the Bird Island Basin, Gulf of Mexico Beach, Yarborough Pass, and Laguna Madre. The fish species you can find in Padre Island are spotted sea trout, black drum, red drum, gulf flounder, red snapper, king mackerel, dolphin fish, and wahoo.  

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