Get the Most from Your Florida Saltwater Fishing Trip

If you’re looking for Florida saltwater fishing tips, this article has all the help you need.

Whether you’re catching panfish for lunch or going after a monster game fish, Florida offers something for everyone regardless of skill level. All you really need is quality fishing gear which you can get at Eat My Tackle and an appetite for fun and adventure. If you’re still not catching enough fish though, here are some tips to help you out:

Be Patient

One of the most common mistakes new anglers make is moving too quickly from one spot to another. Unless you’re lucky you won’t catch a fish on your first cast, or even second or third. Give yourself time to probe the area from the shallowest to the deepest, and don’t forget to try at least a couple of different baits.

You should always commence fishing at the perimeter edges instead of dropping the lure / bait in the center. The reason is if you do catch a fish in the center it’s going to spook the others, but if you catch the ones at the edges those in the middle won’t be suspicious. This is true also even when there’s a large cluster of fish swimming around.

Surf Fishing

Fish are going to swim against the shore so your cast has to be parallel to the sand, and don’t go too far off. As for the tides, wait when it’s either half falling or half rising, so that’s late or early in the day. This is just a general guideline because if there’s sufficient bait the predators will come. For the most part however it’s easier to fish at half tides.

If you’re going for inlet fishing, do so at the outgoing water that takes the bait out into the sea and allow the outflowing water to take your bait along. And if you’re looking for other good locations, the beachfront is always a good choice as well as structures with rocks, pockets, reefs and the like. You’ll also find fish in areas where there are channels that link to deep waters, and usually game fish is found there as well.

Other Ways to Catch Fish

If you’ve found an area that probably holds fish, keep an eye on the bait for any action, and monitor the birds since they’re a good indicator if there’s fish to catch in the area. Whenever possible, use live bait and as fresh as possible. For best results your bait should be at the bottom and use a light weight as well.

With live shrimp you’ll want to make certain it’s alive and healthy as that’s going to attract more fish. When storing, keep the shrimp cool, aerated and don’t crowd it. If you’re going to use lures, get those that can be easily cast and switch out often to reach various depths.

Sooner or later you’re going to land a big one, and once it’s hooked don’t panic. Just wind it in and keep the thing in front of you. There’s going to be a struggle yes, but just keep calm and allow the waves to help you haul it in. Good luck and have fun!

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