Exotic Saltwater Fishing Locations in the U.S.

Saltwater fishing isn’t just a pastime; it has become a part of our lives!

This passion has taken us to various locations all over the United States. Whether you’re new to saltwater fishing or have been around for a while, it’s time to get some new gear at Eat My Tackle and take a fishing trip to catch some tuna, blue marlin or that elusive two grander.

Kona, Hawaii

Kona, Hawaii is a haven for marlin, striped, blue and black, and the best time to go there is between May to October. By late April or early May, the waters off the coast start to warm up, just in time for the pelagic Pacific blue marlin to come in and join the other fish. The typical blue marlin weighs around 100 lbs. but those over 1,000 are not uncommon. With your lures and live bait (skipjack tuna is really effective), expect to catch plenty of blue marlin, striped and black marlin as well as shortbill spearfish and yellowfish tuna.

Charlotte Harbor, Florida

For bull redfish you’ll want to visit Charlotte Harbor during early fall around September or October, as the backwaters and mangroves here are stuffed with redfish, snook and other fish that you can easily catch in dozens. Different fishing techniques can be used, but the most effective is to cast net pilchards with some fish oil, dry oatmeal and cat food added to the mix. Place the bait along potholes and the nearby areas and you’re good to go. You can also use artificial lures like weedless jerkbaits or topwater plugs when the tide is flooding.

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

This beautiful island is the home of the king salmon and the Alaskan silver. Head over here in July or August and you’re going to see it’s a haven for some energetic, high jumping salmon. Trolling and motor mooching are favorites here, and you only need to use standard fishing gear. However if you want to do a bit more you can bring plug casting or light spinning equipment along with some 8 to 12 lb. test for the bucktails and metal jigs.

Hatteras, North Carolina

For the best yellowfin tuna it’s hard to beat Hatteras. Visit around November and December, and you’ll see why the Outer Banks offshore is considered one of the best saltwater fishing areas in the Atlantic Coast. The temperature, weather, bottom structure and currents make for the best environment for fish. During the fall expect to see the yellowfin tuna come here in droves, so get your lures or live bait ready. Best part? The fish are always ready for some chow so you probably won’t wait long to make a good catch.

There are a lot of other great fishing spots throughout the United States, but these are notable because of the diversity of the fish and the high success rate of anglers. Even if you’re not experienced in saltwater fishing, you’re going to make some good catches here. Have fun!

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