Deep Sea Fishing in Australia

Planning to travel to Australia to fish? Check out our list of the best deep sea fishing spots.

Friends who have traveled the world say that Australia is the most beautiful place they have ever been to. It is not hard to believe, since it is considered to be a megadiverse country. Meaning, the majority of the species of the earth live there. And because this country is surrounded by bodies of water in all corners, it is only expected that you can find some of the most exciting deep sea fishing in Australia.

One of Australia’s treasures is the Great Barrier Reef, which holds the biggest coral reef system in the world. It sits off the coast of Queensland and can be seen even from outer space. At the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea, you can find the hotspots for deep sea fishing. Michael Lerner, a man considered to be one of the best anglers in the world, was known to have held fishing expeditions in this country.

Most of the deep sea charters are in eastern Australia, in locations such as Gold Coast, Port Macquarie, New Castle, and Wollongong. In the east, you can do deep sea fishing off the coast of Perth. As you will be dealing with the harsh waters of the Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea, and many others, be prepared with the right tools for fishing. Purchase your fishing gear from a reputable company, like Eat My Tackle, because the fish you’d encounter could definitely test the strength of both you and your gear.

Find out what the coasts of Australia can offer for deep sea fishing:

Gold Coast. A deep sea fishing trip could last for five hours. Fishing charter companies show the size of the fish they catch and these will surely make you want to visit Gold Coast soon. The regular catch includes school mackerel, cobia, shark, tuna, and flathead.

Port Macquarie. Fishing off the beautiful Port Macquarie can be a rewarding and a memorable experience. Aside from catching the usual dolphin fish, snapper, pearl perch, jewfish, and kingfish, you would have to prepare your camera for when you encounter humpback whales, dolphins, and eagles.

New Castle. Commercial fishing charter companies are plenty in New Castle. They cater to individuals and groups, even those with little kids. The best fishing locations are between Stockton Bight Hunter Valley and Norah Heads Lighthouse.

Wollongong. Wollongong is about an hour and a half drive from Sydney. Deep sea fishing will be 15 miles and beyond off the coast. Fishing charter operators offer top of the line boats and experienced crews. They will find you the best places where you could catch kingfish, flathead, snapper, morwong, and many more.

Perth. Fishing happens every day in Perth. Charter boats leave the harbor early in the morning and head to the west of Perth for the fishing spots. If you go to the harbor by mid-afternoon, you’d witness their amazing catch for the day. The fish targets in this area are breaksea cod, red snapper, samson fish, dolphin fish, silver trevally, queen snapper, pink snapper, and dhufish.

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