Check Out These Amazing Deep Sea Fishing Destinations

If you want more from your fishing experience then you might want to go offshore on your next trip. Top destinations include the Outer Banks in North Carolina and the Florida Keys.

Fishing is fun no doubt but you can definitely increase the excitement and challenge by choosing to fish out into deeper sea. Off shore fishing offer a lot of perks one of which is catching bigger fishes, species of fish that does not want to be reeled in without a fight. Although this demands more complicated skills it also guarantees more highs for thrill seekers. Here are some of the top destinations in the world that promises amazing deep sea fishing excursions.

Because you are pulling in bigger fishes you also need better fishing equipment. Check out some featured fishing rods at Eat My Tackle and make sure you have the right gear to haul in your first catch out in the sea.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The outer banks region of North Carolina is one of the top fisheries in the US and for a very good reason. The Gulf Stream waters just off the coast of allows for a steady stream of big game fish all the way from the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and south of Florida. You can haul in some huge marlin and sailfish here. You can also have a lot of yellow fin and blue fin tuna. There is also an occasional king mackerel, wahoo, dorado, and many more. There are two amazing fishing seasons here. The first one runs from April to June, and the second one stretches from June to November. Plan your trip early and expect a great time out in the sea.

Florida Keys

There are many offshore fishing boat charters here and countless fishing guides too. This only proves one thing – Florida Keys is one of the best places to catch big game fish in North America. The tropical weather and the clear blue waters make this place a natural fishing paradise both for anglers and deep sea fishes. You can expect to reel in some huge swordfish around here. There is also a big chance for you to hook in some marlin, tuna, and wahoo.

Bimini, Bahamas

The small islands of Bimini are surrounded by spectacular blue waters, home to a lot of giant game fish. If you want a good challenge and a place to hone your fishing skills this is the go-to place. What can you reel in from this scenic fishing area? You can have some big black grouper, mutton snapper, and a yellowtail snapper. Although the Bimini Islands are small, tropical fishing is pleasurable here because it is very close to mainland Miami. Ernest Hemingway love to visit this place. If you can experience the offshore fishing here, then you would understand why Hemingway uses this place for inspiration to many of his amazing books.

There you have it, three amazing deep sea fishing destinations in the US. Draw your plans, get your equipment in order and get ready to launch your deep sea fishing adventure. 

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