Best Spots for Deep Sea Fishing in Puerto Rico

There are so many things and do in Puerto Rico and one of them is deep sea fishing. Learn more about it here.

Puerto Rico is an archipelago located in the Caribbean. It is famous for its tropical climate and diverse natural resources. With the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Caribbean Sea in the south, it is only natural that Puerto Rico has one of the best, all-year, deep sea fishing sites in the world.

The sea is so imbedded in the Puerto Rican culture that they have their own native sailboats called Chalanas. These were originally developed for carrying sugarcane and for fishing. Fishing in Puerto Rico can be everything you wanted in this sport. Deep sea fishing charters are available in the marinas, with operators that offer fishing that could last up to a full day. The types of fish you could encounter here include wahoo, tarpon, sailfish, tuna, and dolphinfish.

Booking a charter boat will be easy with the number of providers in the areas. Do not forget however, to buy your fishing equipment from a reputable company like Eat My Tackle. The fish you’ll encounter are strong and powerful, so you’ll need to have reliable to tools for your adventure.

Getting you to an excellent fishing spot will not be a problem due to the deep ocean floor around the islands. Some of these famous areas are the Puerto Rico Trench, the Continental Shelf, and The Sea Mounts.

The Puerto Rico Trench. This sounds like a place where Godzilla can hide. It lies on the boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This trench is 800 kilometers long, and has a depth of more than 28,000 feet, which makes it the deepest point outside the Pacific Ocean. You may not find Guillermo Del Torro monsters coming out of this part of the sea, but be prepared for the monster fish who are ready to fight and bite. This area is not too far from the coast of San Juan so a day trip is possible.

The Sea Mounts. From the shore, you’ll travel about 17 miles to get to The Sea Mounts, and at certain points, it can be as deep as 4,000 feet. This is a largely uncharted territory. The sea floor and the deep-sea ecosystems of the waters of Puerto Rico holds a vast number of mysteries. One thing is for sure, however: this is a place you’d want to be to get a hold of the famous giant fish of the seas.

The Continental Shelf. This is about 5 to 12 miles from the coast, and could be as deep as 2,000 feet. Here you can find gigantic blue marlins and massive tarpons, among others.

Visit Puerto Rico and discover for yourself the deep sea fishing opportunities it can offer you. Check the best fishing months and schedule your vacation. Various marinas in the islands boast of world-class fishing charters, with facilities just right for your needs. Discovering the wonders of Puerto Rico can be an eye opener and will surely add a great experience to your memories.

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