Belize: A Great Saltwater Fishing Destination for Beginners

A lot of freshwater fishing fans try saltwater fishing

Often because of the amazing stories they’ve heard from people who have done it. But there’s a big difference between freshwater and saltwater fishing . Often you’ll need to go on a fishing trip in coastal waters, so that means you’ll need to plan for a vacation.

And when you get there, you’ll find fishing much more challenging. The game fish are bigger and they fight harder. The currents are also stronger and the overall environment can make it more difficult for you. That makes your success all the sweeter. So you’ll need different gear, which you should get from reputable sellers like Eat My Tackle so you know you’re getting quality merchandise.

What Fish Should You Aim For?

The waters of the oceans offer a wide variety of fish for you to choose from. But if you’re a beginner to saltwater fishing, you should start with bonefish. This species is an ideal fish to aim for when you’re just making the switch from freshwater fishing. It’s possible to succeed with 7- to 9-weight rods, and as a freshwater angler you probably have one of these already. Fishing for bonefish is in many ways like fishing for trout, as you find and stalk the fish by wading or by boat. And you’ll need a delicate and accurate cast.

Another advantage of going for bonefish is that they can be found all over the tropics, so you can find a lot of great destinations with warm climates. When it’s cold and wintry where you are in the US, a tropical vacation for fishing sounds great.

Where To Go to catch the big fish in Belize?

As we’ve said, bonefish can be found in many locations. It makes for a perfect excuse for you to finally make that overseas trip for your vacation. If you’re a beginner, what you need is a place where there are lots of bonefish so you’re not left frustrated. And if you don't speak Spanish or English, you’ll also want a place where the people—or at least your guides—speak your language.

Belize is a tiny country in Central America that’s just south of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico off the Caribbean Sea. The country actually considers English as the national language (the only country in the region to do so), and tourism is the country’s top moneymaker.

As a US resident, you’ll find it convenient that the country can be reached in just a day. Go online, and you’ll find lots of fantastic and affordable vacation packages that will last for an entire week. You can go saltwater fishing here at any time of the year, but your best options are from April to May and from September to October.

As a bonus, you’re not limited to bonefish either. At any time of the year, you can also find lots of grouper, snapper, jack crevalle, barracuda, snook, tarpon, and permit.

So while there are plenty of great places to go to in the US for saltwater fishing, try Belize anyway. That way you’ll start your saltwater fishing experience with a bang!

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