Best Lures for Wahoo Eat My Tackle Offers

Wahoo are a pelagic fish that roam the ocean. These aggressive and territorial fish feed on smaller fish and squid. Wahoo are fun to catch for sports fishermen and challenging. They will eat almost any fish, but are especially drawn to flashy and high action prey, this is why we use premium skirts with high visibility colors and steamers (like silver) to get the action and attention needed to entice them in. They usually aim to disable their prey fish by striking their tail so that they can't swim. Since they can't regulate their body temperature, they are constantly swimming to stay warm. Best of all, they make good eating especially on the grill with a good beer!

Eat My Tackle offers high-quality wahoo lures for saltwater fishing, as well as hundreds of other selections of the best offshore tackle. Below, we'll take a look at some of these. Shop online today!

Wahoo Rattler:

The Wahoo Rattler is one of our most popular wahoo lures. It is a sub-surface trolling line that features a silver mylar flash and streamers with a purple and black skirt. One of our most productive wahoo lures, you'll love the fish you catch with our Wahoo Rattler. Enjoy your offshore fishing trip and have dinner, too. Shop today!

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Wahoo Slot Head:

Our best-selling wahoo lure, the Wahoo Slot Head, is available in two different colors: red and black or purple and black. It is 14 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds. This wahoo lure is made for high-speed trolling and it is rigged with two stainless 11/0 hooks at 180 degrees. Shop this wahoo lure today!

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Wahoo Jetted Bullet Head:

A high-speed trolling wahoo lure, our Wahoo Jetted Bullet Head is sure to get the job done. This wahoo lure is 14 inches long and weighs 1.8 pounds. You'll be able to high-speed troll easily with this fishing lure for wahoo. While wahoo are never easy to catch as they put up a fight every time, with the right wahoo lures, you'll give yourself the best chance for success. Order today!

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Wahoo Wonder Woman Trolling Lure:

This wahoo lure has staying power and might, and if a wahoo bites, you'll have a good chance of being the victor. Featuring two #10 stiff rigged hooks on 400 lbs stainless steel cable, you are sure to have a fighting chance. With a red and black premium-grade vinyl skirt, you'll be in for a great ride. Order online today!

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Wahoo Widow Maker:

This realistic wahoo lure is definitely one a wahoo will sink its teeth into. The face of the lure features a concave shape that will allow the lure to move more realistically through the water. Thirteen inches in length, you'll love the stiff rig this gives the lure. When wahoo fishing with this lure, you'll be sure to let the wahoo know it met its match. Order today!

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Eat My Tackle is a premier leader in offshore fishing tackle. Our small team offers the best customer service and is here to answer all of your questions. Our mission is to ensure you have the best outdoor fishing experience every time. When engaging in world-class saltwater fishing, you'll have the best of times when you catch the big one. Our saltwater tackle helps you do just that. Put your blood, sweat and tears to work with our best saltwater tackle. Order our wahoo lures and more online today!

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