Benefits of Using A Portable Fish Cooler Bag

If you love to go saltwater fishing, then you know how important it is to keep your big game catch fresh while you’re still out on the boat. A portable fish cooler is a great way to do this, and to keep your entire fishing trip from being a waste. Eat My Tackle’s online fishing store is excited to provide Kill'em & Chill'em Fish Bags for fishermen and fisherwomen along with deep sea fishing rods. Discover just a few of the major benefits of using a portable soft insulated collapsible cooler and shop online today!

Easy Transportation On & Off The Boat

When you bring a portable fish cooler bag onto your saltwater fishing boat, transportation of your fresh catch is incredibly easy. You can simply bring it with you on your deep sea adventure and throw your Kill'em & Chill'em Fish Bag in the back of your car or truck once you’re back on land. Eat my Tackle’s online fishing store recommends investing in one to easily ensure your fresh catch is brought home safely and is ready to cook up.

Coolers Keep Your Catch Cold

As the name suggests, a portable fish cooler bag is designed to keep your fresh fish cold while you’re still on the boat and as you drive back home. Trusting the Kill'em & Chill'em Fish Bag helps keep the fish fresh for longer, especially when you’re using your saltwater fishing rod on a really hot day.

A Variety of Sizes Are Available

Regardless of the type of fish you’re hoping to catch with your deep sea fishing rod — such as wahoo or tuna — there is a portable cooler from our online fishing store that can meet your needs. The soft insulated collapsible cooler we provide for fishermen and fisherwomen is available in several different sizes, with the largest options measuring 60 inches and 72 inches. When you shop with Eat My Tackle, you can find one that is big enough to hold all of your fish, or you can get a smaller one if you only plan on catching a few.

The Kill'em & Chill'em Fish Bags Have Several Features

Some portable coolers come with compartments, so you can keep your bait and tackle separate from your fish. Others have wheels, which makes it easy to move them around. However, what makes the Kill'em & Chill'em Fish Bag from Eat My Tackle stand out is how it protects both your catch and your boat. This item from our online fishing store is constructed with leak-proof electro-welded seams and boasts a corrosion-resistant, marine-grade "T"- handle zipper. Plus, we offer a two-year manufacturer's warranty on your purchase!

Portable Fish Coolers Are Very Durable

A portable cooler to hold the fish you catch with your deep sea fishing rod needs to be durable, which is exactly what the Kill'em & Chill'em Fish Bag provides. This item from Eat My Tackle is made with 3/4" closed cell foam insulation and uses UV and mildew-resistant double nylon PVC material. No matter how many times you bring this along with your lures and saltwater fishing rods, you can expect the same high-quality results.

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